The Tūhoe Settlement has always been a Te Urewera Settlement. Even before setting eyes on each other the Crown has through a myriad of different devices sought to remove us from our homelands for over 160 years. Today, through your vote you will end Crown control and influence over Te Urewera and return her to the hearts and hands of  Tūhoe for whom Te Urewera is the land of our birth, the home of our tikanga, our mana motuhake.

The Ratification Process

Find out everything you need to know about the ratification process...

Who receives the settlement?

The Post-Settlement Governance Entity, find out more about it...

Consolidation of Entities

We are also voting on consolidating our entities. Find out more...

How can I vote?

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The Tūhoe Story

This Settlement has been directed by the lessons of the past, by the unfavourable and unpopular choices made steadfastly by our tipuna rangatira who died unfulfilled but envisioning a future time of resolution and peace for us all.

Ultimately, this Settlement is about peace.  It is about the permanency of the shared things that make and keep us Tūhoe.  It is about our future together.

This is your story, your past, your present and your future. Learn more